Wednesday, 19 August 2009

So woke up this morning to find my daughter was covered in chicken pox!! Great that meant my friend from bedford didn't come down for the day so was a little disapointed.

Thought about going to the beach today instead but didn't think the weather was going to hold - as it was it was beatiful late this afternoon was would have been lovely but - that's english weather for you - you just never know!!

Decided to walk the kids to the swimming pool and when we got there they told me it was shut so had two very upset children for the whole afternoon cause they wanted to go swimming.

Todays card was one that I had a feature on in Craft Stamper magazine last year - they definatly photographed it better than I did!! - but a whole double spread brilliant!!! Personally I didn't think it one of my best creations. Hope you like it.


  1. Mandy love your butterfly card .so sorry to hear about your daughters chickenpox ,some tip some one gave to me some years ago when my 2 were litteraly covered .use cornflour on the body like you would talk weird i know but heres the but doesnt leave any scars dries scabs up so much quicker.
    hope you all dont go down with it ,hope she's feeling better
    hugs judex

  2. Mandy that is really lovely, I love butterflies. I hope your daughter is feeling much better. Trish:)

  3. Oh she seems to be fine until she does something naughty then she tells me she feels unwell!!!! Little monkey that she is!! Just spotty.

    Thank you for your lovely coments, Mandy x