Tuesday, 18 August 2009

why won't it work?

Evening - have posted a forum topic on the trimcraft website asking you to visit my blog so if you have then Thank you!!

Am having trouble siging into docrafts forum - it says I haven't regisered although I have an it's starting to get a little annoying now as it happens all the time.

Well, didn't manage to get to the beach today - it was cold and overcast here today plus I was up every hour with the kids last night so didn't fancy the 1 1/2 hour drive to sit on a cloudy beach!!

Hope you like todays card.

Any comments are appriciated - gives my not very good self confidence a boost.


  1. Hi Mandy - welcome to the land of blog - you will love it here. :)
    Shame you didn't get to the beach today - perhaps tomorrow.
    Just looked over your posts and your cards are all lovely. Look forward to seeing more and watching your blog grow. :)


  2. Welcome to Blogland mandy. you'll love it...
    Your cards are lovely, i look forward to following all your new craetions
    hugs rozzy xx

  3. Hi Mandy and welcome to Blogland. You have some gorgeous cards.
    Shame you didn't get to the beach. I'm in Berkshire and it's way too hot and sunny for me here.
    Julie x (jjuli2 trimmie)